New layout!

rougeimaginaire: "New layout!"

Hey! Today is a big day, because my blog has moved from Blogger to its own domain name:!

I’ve been planning this for a while, but since both my brother (whose help I was definitely going to need for this) and I had quite a busy year at school, it had to wait until summer break. But now, it finally happened! My brother did most of the work, although I also got some things done when I wasn’t working on my thesis (like when I manually had to clean up the code of all of my posts, ugh).

I also have a new layout. I designed it myself, and my brother made it into a working WordPress theme. I wasn’t really that tired of my old layout, so the new one looks quite similar, just a little bit more fresh and clean. The biggest change is probably the fixed main menu, which makes it easier to navigate. I also changed the fonts: for the main text, I’m now using Open Sans instead of Georgia, and for the titles I’m using the Google font ‘Dosis’.

Another change is that my posts now have both categories and tags, which you’ll find respectively at the top and the bottom of every post. The tags can include names of countries and cities I’ve been (like ‘the Netherlands‘ or ‘Göteborg‘), more specific topics (like ‘books‘ or ‘outfit‘), post types (like ‘video‘) or just random things like ‘Swedish things‘. Besides that, you can also find posts in the archive, or just by using the search function (which is a lot better than the previous one!) at the top right of the page. Oh, and you can always switch between the grid view (if you want an overview) and the list view (if you’re just browsing).

rougeimaginaire: "New layout!"

So now I’m really curious what you are thinking :) Of course, it’s always possible that you find something that is not working quite as it should. If you do, please let me know! Also, a big thank you to my brother Bert! I hope I can go back to blogging more frequently soon (but first: back to analysing the Moomin books!).