Nu är det jul!

rougeimaginaire: "Nu är det jul!"
golden christmas tree: Ikea / scented candle: Dille & Kamille / star-shaped lamp: Ikea / knitted blanket: Ikea

It’s almost Christmas, and although I’m not someone who likes lots of kitschy Christmas decorations, I’m all in when it comes to cosiness on the shortest days of the year (although apparently, we’re getting six seconds more daylight than yesterday – yay!). I just think it’s one of the best things to cuddle up in my room with lots of blankets, a cup of hot chocolate or tea and some beautiful lights. I’m still watching Breaking Bad, by the way, and I have to say it’s one of the best series I’ve ever watched. Also, can I just say how much I am in love with this star-shaped lamp? I makes these dull winter days just a little bit brighter.
Anyway, I was tagged by Dani to do the festive favourites tag! I’m not tagging anyone, but feel free to do it if you want to.


Festive food? Any kind of dessert? :)

Reindeer? The only one I know is Rudolph, but I suppose there are more of them? I don’t know, we don’t really do the whole Santa thing here in Belgium…

Day of Christmas? We celebrate Christmas on the 24th and the 25th, but I don’t really have a favourite.

Christmas song? I’m not that into Christmas songs, but I do like to listen to this collection of winter songs that the Icelandic band Amiina made a few years ago. It’s called Winter Nostalgia and you can find it here.

Present? Just small things, like a scented candle or some nice loose tea :)

Festive film? I can’t think of anything else than Pippi Longstocking’s Christmas episode (I couldn’t find it in English, but you can watch it in Swedish here).

Cracker toy and joke? Another tradition we don’t have in Belgium ;)

Christmas decoration? My star-shaped lamp :)

Christmas TV ad? The only one I know is the Coca-Cola one!

Festive tradition? Ever since I started taking Swedish classes four years ago, we’ve had this little tradition of doing a Christmas party in the last week before the vacation, where everyone would bring food and we would sing songs and watch a movie. This year, we didn’t celebrate Christmas, but we did a Lucia celebration, which was just as nice.

Christmas fact? Before Christmas existed, there was a pagan tradition of celebrating the winter solstice at yule festivals. That’s why the Swedish word for Christmas is jul :)

Snowman accessory? What snow?


Merry Christmas, everyone! :)