Cold-brewed iced tea

rougeimaginaire: "Cold-brewed iced tea"

rougeimaginaire: "Cold-brewed iced tea"

I have a new love and it’s called cold-brewed iced tea. Well actually, it’s not that new, it’s just the improved version of the mint and lemon water I talked about a few weeks ago. Having something refreshing to drink is especially nice when it’s 30°C outside and you have to stay inside to work on your thesis (which is what I’ve been doing most of July). I’ve been making this for a few weeks now, so I think it’s about time I share this recipe with you.


Your favourite kind of tea! You can use teabags, but loose tea or fresh herbs are good too. These are the ones I like:

  • mint and green tea
  • jasmin and green tea
  • fresh mint, basil and loose green tea
  • a mix of loose tea that I bought called ‘fresh breeze’ (with elder blossom and nana mint)

One liter of water


Fill a jug or a bottle with cold water, add your tea, and leave it in the fridge overnight. If you like, you can make it sweeter by using sugar syrup, honey, or whatever you like (I would use something liquid though, because plain sugar won’t dissolve that well in cold water).

Since you don’t boil the tea, it won’t taste as bitter as usual (which is something that happens sometimes with green tea or jasmin tea), and because you let it steep for so many hours, it will still have enough taste. And it’s just a lot easier to make.

Happy sipping :)